julia_beverlybieber was really doing pull ups on the bball net. no gimmick


June 28: More of Justin Bieber Hits Up Roller Skating Fundraiser to Support Pal Chris Brown.


June 28: Justin attends the Symphonic Love Charity Event held at Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink in Glendale, California [HQs]

@justinbieber: I hope you hate my style

Anonymous: "I mean I don't know you personally but why are you so obsessed with jelena"

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amika999: "Where do u get all these Helena photos???"

On fansites, twitter and tumblr. I also get from mirroruk, justjared, bieber-news, etc.

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Selena was wearing her purity ring for years until she met Justin. She stopped wearing the ring that says “True Love Waits”and Justin replaced it with the “J” ring which is probably his promise ring to her.

She finally found her true love.

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